What to do if...

You want to go on holiday in term time?

  • On 1 September 2013 a new law took effect which does not allow parents to take their children out of school for holidays in term time. Any request for absence in term time must be in exceptional circumstances, addressed to The Principal, who will decide whether to authorise the absence or not.

You feel ill

  • Report to a subject teacher if you are in a lesson. They will decide whether or not to send you to the student support office.
  • Report to your mentor or direct to the student support office if it is out of lesson time.
  • You may be asked to sit quietly in the student support area.
  • In exceptional circumstances you may be taken home or sent to hospital.

You want to leave the school during the day

  • You must report to the student support office who will make the necessary arrangements depending upon the situation.
  • You must remain on school site during the school day, unless permission has been granted  to leave, in the form of a note from your parent/carer.  You must then sign out at reception.
  • You must NOT leave the premises without permission, even if you have contacted home by telephone.

You are late in the morning

  • Go to your mentor group or your first lesson (depending on the time).

You are on a school visit

  • Make sure you return your reply slip to your teacher or the student support office.
  • Pay your money to the student support office.

You want to buy equipment

  • Go to the Library where you can buy basic equipment that you will need in lessons. School resources such as revision guides, calculators, school ties, tickets for events, etc are on our new sQuidShop; go to http://banbury.squid-shop.co.uk. Many items are available at less than retail price.

You want to buy food from the school dining room or buttery

  • Banbury Academy is a 'cashless' school which means that the catering staff will not accept cash. In order to purchase food and drinks you will need to register with sQuid and your parents/carers will need to load your account with an appropriate sum of money. The school also now has a cash handling machine for sQuid in the Buttery. Students who have had their finger scanned and wish to add cash to their squid accounts can do so with this machine. Please see the How to use sQuid page for further details.

You want to have a locker

  • Go to the student support office and ask for a locker form or download one here. On completion of the signed form by a parent/carer you will be given a key. Lockers are free for the year. The only charge made will be if you need to have a new key cut. It is vital that you are fully aware that the lockers will not be opened for forgotten keys.