Home Academy Agreement

The Academy - We will

  • have high expectations for uniform, jewellery and PE kit  - we will enforce our uniform policy
  • have high expectations of behaviour during lessons, around the academy and on the journey to and from the school site  - we will enforce our behaviour and discipline policy
  • care for your child’s safety
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum which meets individuals’ needs
  • encourage all our students to reach their potential
  • keep you informed about your child’s progress and general academy matters
  • set and mark homework on a regular basis
  • help students to develop the skills needed to take a full and active part in life
  • put into practice our policy for equal opportunities so that no one should suffer discrimination.

Student - I will

  • wear full academy uniform, as detailed in the uniform policy and  be tidy in appearance
  • behave well during lessons, around the academy and on my journey to and from school
  • come to school regularly and on time
  • have all the equipment (including a school bag, writing equipment and planner) needed for each lesson, every day 
  • support the academy’s Community Pledge, by being helpful, respectful and polite to others
  • do all class work and homework to the very best of my ability
  • respect the academy buildings and grounds and other people’s property and belongings
  • use ICT and new technologies appropriately to support my work.

Parent(s) / Carer(s) - I / We will

  • ensure that my/our child wears full academy uniform, as detailed in the uniform policy and understand that he/she will be sent home to change or internally suspended if inappropriately dressed
  • fully support the academy’s behaviour and discipline policy
  • encourage respect for all staff and students
  • ensure that my/our child attends school regularly (and provide an explanation for any absence), on time and properly equipped (including a school bag, writing equipment and student planner)
  • not take my child out of school for holidays in term time
  • let the academy know of any concerns or problems that might affect my/our child’s work or behaviour
  • encourage my/our child to develop positive attitudes and achieve to the best of his/her ability
  • show an interest in and support my/our child’s homework
  • attend Parents’ Consultations and work with the academy
  • ensure that my/our child uses ICT appropriately to support his/her school work.


Our Community Pledge

We shall:
• Respect the opinions of others even though we may not agree with them.
• Treat one another fairly and as equals.
• Support each other, our community and the environment.
• Encourage others’ thoughts and tolerate others’ view points
• Try to understand what others are going through.
• Not bully (verbally, physically, mentally or by using any form of technology).

If you are having any problems at Banbury Academy, home or about anything else, please do one or more of the following...

• Speak to your mentor/co-mentor
• Speak to your College Administrator
• Speak to a member of staff