Personal, learning and thinking skills

Independent enquirers

I can …

  • work out what questions to ask to answer a problem
  • plan and carry out research, understanding what my decisions might lead to
  • look at situations, issues and problems in lots of different ways
  • review the information I have to see if it is useful or important
  • understand how different people's views or unplanned events might alter my
  • back up my conclusions with reasoned arguments and evidence

Creative thinkers

I can …

  • come up with ideas and possibilities
  • ask questions and think more widely
  • think of new ways to link my ideas and experiences with those of other people
  • question what I and others think about how to approach an activity
  • try new ways of doing things and see if they work
  • change my ideas if I need to because of things around me changing

Reflective learners

I can...

  • notice when I or others do things well
  • set goals with steps to help me achieve them
  • check how things are going and act on anything I need to do to be successful
  • ask for feedback on how I am doing and respond positively to suggestions that are made to help me improve
  • use what I have done and learned to help me understand what I need to do next to make the outcome more successful

Team workers

I can …

  • work with others to achieve targets
  • discuss issues and make decisions as part of a team
  • think about my behaviour and adapt it, depending on how things are going in the team
  • be fair and understand how others may feel
  • be responsible and confident about what I have to say and show I can be a leader
  • tell people how they are getting on and make helpful suggestions to improve what they are doing


I can …

  • find challenges and be able to be flexible when things change
  • work towards goals, be able to do things by myself without giving up
  • organise my time, be able to work out the best order to do things and be prepared for where things might go wrong
  • be able to balance my studies with my social/personal life
  • respond well to change and ask for help when I need it
  • develop my emotional intelligence and my relationships

Effective participators

I can …

  • discuss things that concern me and find a solution when needed
  • be persuasive (change someone's mind)
  • suggest practical ways of doing things by breaking them down into steps to make things easier
  • find better ways of doing something that improves it for me and for others
  • try to influence others, to find a solution that works for everyone
  • explain someone else's point of view and support them even if I don't agree with it