Current Students

If you are currently a student at Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form these pages aim give you up to date information and news whilst you are studying here to support you with your learning, development and even your social life!

Quotes-leftWithin our principal student team we have several committees, each focussing on a different aspect of sixth form life.

One is the social committee, which organises social events to give students the opportunity to meet and have fun outside of school. One of the main aims of our first social was to integrate the Year 12s and 13s and give the Year 12s a chance to make new friends.

Another committee is the fundraising committee which organises charity events, as we feel it is important for
us as a sixth form to raise money for good causes particularly in our local community. Quotes-right




Quotes-leftOur main student council body is made up of
Year 13 principal students, Year 13 vice principal students and Year 12 vice principal students. As we have a close-knit team, having regular meetings and working together in between, we can take on opinions from all the students and try to put new things into action.

We work hard to make all the students feel supported and welcome; working on making our common room friendlier with the community noticeboard and resource library along with organising events regularly. Quotes-right



Quotes-leftThe community feel we have here is unique to such a big sixth form. We are separate from the rest of the
school but still have all the support from it, balancing
the connection to create a comfortable atmosphere.

We have a diverse range of people, studying all
different mixtures of subjects so everyone can find
someone with similar interests to them and fit in easily,
finding a group of people who they can study and socialise with. Quotes-right

Quotes-leftOne of our biggest aims is to represent the student body as a whole. As sixth formers we have a closer working relationship with teachers because we are driven in all the subjects we are studying. This means that it is important for us to be able to get our view across to our teachers effectively. We try to act as a buffer between staff and students to improve communication and ensure that everyone is satisfied with their classes. Quotes-right