What if I do not get the GCSE grades to study the subjects I wanted?
It is important to meet the entry requirements but students will always be interviewed on a case by case basis and when enrolment occurs in the summer, each student will have a meeting that focuses on their choices and whether they can proceed with them. 

Which subjects should I choose?
You should choose subjects you enjoy and really want to study in greater depth.  It is also important to have a workable combination and start looking at university courses and apprenticeships early on.  It may be that you need specific subjects to pursue a particular career.

What if I do not know what I want to do as a career?
This is a common issue and please do not worry.  Hopefully your A Level choices will be varied and complementary so that you have time to make your choices.  Make sure you visit workplaces and do your research so you know what jobs are out there.  You will also receive lots of guidance over your time in sixth form and that will help with making informed choices.

What if I don’t like the subject once I have started?
You then need to arrange a mentor with the sixth form team to discuss options.  There is always scope for change but it becomes more difficult as the year progresses so speak up early in year 12 if there are concerns.

Can I study four subjects?
This option is available for exceptional candidates but would need further discussion with head of sixth form.

Can I study less than 3 subjects?
This isn’t an option from the start of year 12 as it’s important you have a full programme and one that will enable you to access the best courses and apprenticeships.

What is the difference between Sixth Form and College?
Sixth Form is much more structured and you also receive a lot more structured support than you would at college.  This is always a draw for students considering both.

Can I join Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form if I come from another school?
Yes.  You apply as normal and provide a copy of your GCSE results on enrolment day.

Do you accept students mid term?
In some cases- yes.  You would need to contact the Sixth Form Administrator to discuss further and we would arrange a meeting.    

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