Literacy Online

Free Literacy-based apps for your tablet or smartphone!

 94 Seconds – naming words in certain categories…score as best you can in 94 seconds! android-sm  apple-sm  windows_icon-sm
Words’ – linking words on a grid, it will help spelling! android-sm
Lexica – Like Sodoku with letters…this is a tough one but fun! android-sm  apple-sm
Word Mess – locating and finding words before the bomb goes off! apple-sm
Skill Builder Spelling – Helps to improve spellings android-sm
Literacy Planet – A ‘world’ of Literacy games android-sm  apple-sm
The Opposites – find the contrasting words before they drop! apple-sm
Word Abacus – this one includes numeracy within literacy! apple-sm
WordZAbout – helps to develop a ‘posher’ vocabulary apple-sm
4pics 1 word – Can you work out what links the pictures? android-sm  apple-sm  windows_icon-sm
Word Jigsaw – The name describes the game! android-sm  apple-sm
Word to Word – Understanding word connections  
Outworded – A free wordsearch game, with a twist apple-sm
What’s the Team – Spelling the sports teams related to the pictures – good for sports fans! apple-sm
Words with Friends – you can play other people online or on smartphones! Give your child a game! android-sm  apple-sm  windows_icon-sm
Grammar: Punctuation by Dragons – Helps build an understanding of punctuation in a fun way! apple-sm
Pearson Grammar Prep: This one does cost (cheap), but is useful practice android-sm  apple-sm

Banbury Academy is not responsible for the content of external apps and links. These apps are recommendations only and in no way affiliated with Banbury Academy Use of all apps is at the device owners' risk.