Careers Advice

Banbury Academy ensures that independent careers advice is available through a contract with Adviza. The school receives 40 days of careers advisor time most of which is allocated to 1:1 appointments with students with the remainder used for parents’ evenings, options evening and other events such as the August GCSE and A Level results days.

General careers advice is delivered in a variety of ways. All students have access to the eCLIPS careers website; students have the opportunity to update their profiles and search for information as part of their mentor time activities. Some assemblies are focused on careers, there are specific events which are provided for targeted cohorts of students such as the apprenticeship and science evening and trips to local universities and there is some input through subject delivery. Mentors, subject teachers, Heads of College and the senior leadership team all meet with students to discuss their ambitions and how to realise them through using the Grower model to set goals. Discussions focus on academic achievement and the different pathways students might take to achieve their goals.