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Academic Support 
At Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form we are focused on ensuring all students receive clear monitoring and support through their time in Sixth Form, to ensure they achieve their very best. All students’ termly assessments are tracked with input from subject teachers to ensure students keep on track with their predicted grades.  Support plans and Interventions will be put in place if needed and monitored by the Head of Sixth Form and parents.  

Aspiring to Oxbridge

Supporting students with Oxford and Cambridge University applications

Banbury Aspirations Campus can offer you personalised support with your Oxbridge applications. Guest workshops & webinars will run throughout the year.  We are fortunate to have contacts at many top universities who visit regularly to support and advise our students.

Our expectation is that students’ attendance at sixth form is 100%, and anything that falls below 96% will result in swift action. Parents will be requested to come in for an attendance meeting if a student’s attendance falls below the national guideline. We encourage students to book medical appointments outside of school hours, not only is valuable study time missed, but there is a very evident negative correlation between low attendance and low grades at assessment points.

The Sixth Form meet for assembly every Thursday morning during mentor time. Assembly is really important and a fantastic opportunity to celebrate achievement and benefit from guest speakers etc.

Community Involvement
The big feed

We believe it is important to develop a sense of community and social awareness. All year 12 students commit to at least one hour of community activity at school per week. Students run clubs, support in lessons, or involve themselves in the school community in some other way.

Dress Code 
There is a strict Sixth Form dress code for the students. Students must be in smart business wear with a blazer/suit jacket. Please refer to the dress code here.

Guest Speakers
Banbury Aspirations Campus has many fantastic links with Universities, including Oxford and Oxford Brookes.  We regularly welcome guest speakers in to discuss further education, UCAS applications, applying for Oxford or Cambridge University and apprenticeship events. Students will also have a meeting booked with a Connexions Advisor to discuss different career opportunities and options.

Learning environment
ICT facilities: All areas of the curriculum are catered for. For example we offer Computer Aided Design and manufacture in Technology, image manipulation equipment in Art and video conferencing facilities in Modern Languages. All students have their own user area to allow them to work on any curriculum PC in the Campus. Students are encouraged to bring in their own laptops if they wish to use them. There are approx. 15 laptops for Sixth Form students to use during their Silent Study periods. 

Sixth Form SSB lessonLearning areas
The library at Banbury Academy is an excellent place for silent study. All students have at least four study periods on their timetable and it is important that they use these wisely. Students have access to printers, scanners, laminating etc. The computer room and the upstairs of the library are Sixth Form areas. The upstairs library is updated with University prospectuses. We are also fortunate to have study areas, ICT and an additional common room at Space Studio Banbury.

Trips and Visits
Throughout out your time in Sixth Form there will be a number of opportunities to attend trips organised by the Sixth Form, to career fairs or local employers. We really encourage all students to attend the trips as much as possible as they have been handpicked to benefit you and help you with making choices about your future. We try to make trips as inexpensive as possible but we need all student participation to do this.

Sixth Form common roomSixth Form Common Room
The common room is a space only for Sixth Form students. There is a common room at Banbury Academy and another at Space Studio. All Sixth Form students are welcome to use both areas.  The common room has facilities for students to make hot drinks and have the use of a fridge and microwave. The buttery is open at break and lunch where students can buy hot & cold lunches. Hot and cold lunches are also available at the Space Studio Café.

Student Support
The Campus offers support for students with SEN through the learning development department. Students also have full access to seek advice/guidance/counsel from the School Welfare manger and school nurse. 

National Citizenship Service
We are a ‘Champion NSC School’ because of the high involvement our students have had over the past years. This amazing scheme brings together young people from different backgrounds and helps them develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility. It encourages personal and social development by working on skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication. Participants develop a social action project to deal with a local issue they are passionate about and spend 30 hours putting the project into action in their community.

UCAS Application
Students are invited to several personal statement workshops and webinars throughout the year. Your personal statement will go through a series of checking to ensure your statement is the best that it can be. Parents will also be invited into school in order to find out more about the UCAS process and work closely with the sixth form team to support students' applications.

Work Placement
Banbury Aspirations Campus fully supports students finding working placements during their time at Sixth Form as long as the work experience does not have a negative impact on the students work and grades.  We are also developing a weekly work experience slot for Year 12 students.  This is currently under development and will be embedded for academic year September 2018.

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Please read our Future Students pages for full course details and information about the sixth form before making your application.