Year 10 Student Mentors at Harriers

Year 10 students have become maths mentors to primary-aged children at Harriers Banbury Academy.

“In lesson we were asked to teach a year group a topic we have previously learnt in class, our group decided to teach year 5s at Harriers about fractions. We asked Miss Redden to arrange for us to go and see a class and find out how they are best taught, in that process we found out that the year 5s were learning about tessellations so we decided to change our project so we could teach them further about tessellations. Our first visit was the 22nd of January where we observed a lesson and asked questions about how they preferred learning and what tasks they would like to do. Over the next two weeks we prepared a task that involved creating a tessellated picture from an image that can tessellate. We then went back to Harriers to teach a lesson, but we weren’t able to teach the same class so we taught a class of year 6s instead. We believed that it went well and they were able to understand the task, they looked like they had fun and enjoyed it.”

Joy, Oliver, Josh, Tia, Ella and Lauren

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