Drop Down Day

On our drop down day on Tuesday 13th March we covered a range of topics from sex education through to British Values. Drop down days are part of our PSHCEE (personal, social, health, citizenship and economic education) and SMSC (Social, moral, spiritual and cultural) programme when we cover some of the most important non-examined learning in our  curriculum. Student engagement was really high all day and discussion about Brexit and British Values particularly high level. Our community is so diverse and we celebrate all of the wonderful opportunities this diversity provides. 

Year 7 worked with Science staff all day, the topics they covered included menstruation, fertilisation, pregnancy and lifestyle impacts.

Year 8 are growing up and taking responsibility for themselves. Topics included puberty and growing up, sleep and health, dangers of energy drinks, understanding fraud and data protection.

Year 9 visited Microsoft at their HQ down in Reading.

Year 10 covered study skills, Brexit, British values, British values and homophobia in sport

Year 11 prepared for exams and sitting exams.

Year 12 covered healthy eating, healthy exercise, finances, IT safety and young people and the law.

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